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Commission Info

What You Need To Know To Get What You Want

Kitsune Studios’ Commission Agreement

By entering into an agreement with Kitsune Studios, you (the commissioner) accept the following terms as they are written, unless otherwise negotiated.

Types of Commissions

$5 - single character
+ $5 - per additional character
+ $5-15 - for backgrounds, depending on complication

$10 - single character
+ $5 - per additional character
+ $10-20 - for backgrounds, depending on complication

Color: (Digital)
$20 - single character
+ $5 - per additional character
+ $15-25 - for backgrounds, depending on complication

Color: (Traditional)
$30 - single character
+ $10 - per additional character
(No background options available for traditionally colored pieces, sorry.)

Multiple Panels/Series

Regardless of level of completion there is a standard $20 fee per page for comic-style pages on top of previously mentioned prices.

Series of pictures shall be billed as separate images, but for more than 2 images in a series we will deduct $5 per page after the second page.
For example:
2 page before/after inked, 1 character, minimal background = $40 [$10 per page + $10 per background]

4 page series, inked, 1 character, minimal background = $70 [pg 1-$10, pg 2-$10, pg 3-$5, pg 4-$5 + $10 per background]

$2 per page or $30 per chapter (10 pages), whichever is higher.

Important Notes/Disclaimer

All payments must be done through Paypal or money order (there is a fee), and we will not being work on your piece until we have received at least 50% (half) of the total cost of the commission*.

Refunds are only available if the work is not completed and must be made within one week of payment having been made. The retainer fee (first 50% of payment) is non-refundable.

We, the artists, reserve the right to reproduce, modify and distribute any commission we accept. The commissioner is also allowed to reproduce, distribute and modify any artwork they have purchased. No other person is allowed to distribute, modify or reproduce our work as covered under the DMCA. With regards to prints, buyers may only distribute images they have taken of the original piece, they may not modify or reproduce any printed works.

* - Story commissions are handled on a chapter by chapter basis. The first ten (10) pages must be paid for in advance, thereafter payment will be handled on demand. This first payment is the equivalent of the retainer fee as mentioned above, and is non-refundable. You (The commissioner) will be notified when a chapter is available to be purchased, and will receive that chapter when payment has been confirmed. At such time you may do what you will with the story. As author(s), we reserve the right to publish online any written work, regardless of length, for promotional purposes. Should the topic of actual publication come up, terms of how that will be accomplished will be discussed in detail with both you (the commissioner) and the publishing company.

In addition to the above, with regards to story commissions, accepting this contract means that you (the commissioner) agree to the following stipulations:

Do not pester the author(s) about the story. We value communication with our commissioners, regardless of media, and when we have an update, we will inform you (the commissioner) as soon as it is available.

We will not accept payment in advance, as stated above in the addendum to the note on payment information. This puts undue pressure on us to perform, which we’ve found kills our muse. Let us work at our own pace, and pay us as we provide completed chapters. As an addendum to that, you (the commissioner) will not get the next piece until we have been paid and the payment has cleared our system, also as stated above.

Allow us the chance to clear our to-do list a bit to make room for the new story. At any given moment we have upwards of seven (7) commissions in various stages of progress. When we accept a commission, the new one goes to the bottom of our list, and we will work on it as it comes up to the top.

Thank you for choosing Kitsune Studios.





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Just a self-made freelancer trying to make his way in the world.

Transgender artist by Queen-Soulia
"He" or "they" pronouns please.
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*((more to be added later as I get back in touch with people and basically come back from the grave...))*


Oracle for Tucker by beautifulrainboweyes
Oracle for Tucker
Birthday pic for :iconwolf-in-the-walls:. Belated but that's cuz he only just told me what he wanted. XD

Fun fact: This was supposed to just be a sketch with a touch of color. Then suddenly there were bubbles, and I was shading his skin. ^^; So, I just went with it. lol
GemDon For Silva by beautifulrainboweyes
GemDon For Silva

Gemsona AU! Version of :iconinsanepsychohafbreed:‘s Donny. He’s a “Rose Quartz” gem, but yeah… we all know the truth about them don’t we? >;3c

Total time: 4 hours.


Image Resizing on Weasyl

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 15, 2015, 4:14 AM

Be Proud!

Anybody know anything about the fact that when I upload pics, they come out motherf-ing HUGE as hell!?

Like I mean I gotta take 'em into Photoshop and size 'em down by like 50-75% just to make 'em fit on the page. There any setting or something for this site that'll fix it?

Cuz I gotta be honest, if I gotta resize my pics for Weasyl, and FA, and RedBubble?! I won't be uploading there much. I'm already uploading on four places with every finished piece... streamline my shit, guys. I don't have the time to be personalizing my shit for every site I'm using. Especially when RB means it's gotta be OMG HUGE AF! I'm serious. I've NEVER had that much canvas space before. I SQUEAK by with high res, but c'mon! Y'all have to know what it's like trying to get it BACK down to something I can upload anywhere else!

UGH! *flops* Anybody have answers?

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