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A/N: Here we go! The long-awaited chapter! Don't try to fool me, y'all know this was the one y'all were waiting for. Heh heh heh. 83 And hey! I have the chapter art done at the same time for once! lol ((Don't feel bad if the sex is a little confusing, Szayel will explain what happened later, don't worry.))

Description: Reboot of my fic Alphas and Betas. "Ichigo has matured as a Human, he's obtained the pinnacle of Shinigami powers, but growing up as a Hollow brings new surprises. And a new threat on the horizon does not bode well for the Visored and his mate."

Warnings: Alpha/Beta Dynamics, Mpreg, Pregnancy, Polyamory, Bigotry, Prejudice, more to be added later

Pairings: GrimmIchi, RenBya, UlquiHime, KarinToshi, and others in the background

Disclaimer: Bleach is, of course, (c) Kubo-sensei because if we owned it there would be more Yaoi, less dying, and other characters would be the focus of the story.

5 – Mating

“You cannot storm Soul Society, Grimmjow.”

“I know that!”

Back under the cold eternal moon of their home, the panther paced. His hand gripped the hilt of his sword and he glared at the floor like it had personally offended him.

Off to the side a number of others lounged on piles of cushions wedged between broken chunks of what had originally been the usurper’s meeting table. The chairs were equally in pieces, but most of them were melted together in the corner. A collection of spindly Adjuchas were crawling on it, playing king of the mountain, and scattered about the survivors of the Winter War busied themselves with personal projects, attempting to appear unconcerned for the Sexta’s discomfort.

“You can’t storm Soul Society.” Ulquiorra repeated, looking up from his book.

Grimmjow whipped around, firing a cero at the wall above the Cuarta. “I KNOW!!”

Behind him, Starrk opened one eye and nudged Szayel, “Pay up.”

“Hmph. I was sure it’d be sooner.” The Octava affected a pout, digging a chip out of his pocket. He adjusted his mask with a sniff at the Primera’s confusion. “Dehydrated. Get it wet and it becomes one fresh fraccion free for eating.”

Grimmjow was back to pacing. “How is it my fuckin’ fault the damn shit smells so strong!? I don’t see how you two can’t smell it! We’re two worlds away an’ I can feel it. It’s like it’s crawlin’ into my head an’ stained my mind with its--”

One of the girls looked up at him, “Maybe you marked him before?”

“WHAT?! He’s a fuckin’ Shinigami!” He raged at her.

Halibel cut him off, “Sun-sun has a point. When you fought him in the war,” they all paused for a moment to growl at the door that led to the throne room. Then she continued, “I witnessed your fight. He’s not a Shinigami.”

“So what?! Yer sayin’ I can smell it cuz he’s mine?” Grimm scowled at her.

Nnoitra threw a stone at him, “Ain’t that what ya al’ays say? ‘E’s mah prey, e’rybody back th’ feck off!’ Innit?!”

The manid cackled at the look on the feline’s face and he nudged his fraccion with the butt of his scythe.

“Ain’t that what ‘e says, Tes? Ain’t it?”

Tesla snickered, looking from Quinta to Sexta, “Hai.”

“I do NOT sound like that, ya bug bastard!”

“Actually you kinda do, Grimmy.” Now restored to her adult size, Nelliel was draped across Halibel’s lap weaving ribbons into Mila Rose’s mane.

The center of their attention jabbed his finger at the former Tercera, “Don’t think just cuz yer my blood I don’t see what yer doin’! I can see when I’m bein’ ganged up on. Fuck you. Fuck all of ya!”

With that he stormed out of the common room.

Lilynette piped up from where she’d been carving stones into toys for the Adjuchas in the corner. “You don’t think he’s gonna…”

“If he gets caught, I ain’t rescuin’ him.” Nnoitra arched his back, hands behind his head, one leg crossed over the other, and Santa Teresa propped against the wall next to him.

Ulquiorra sniffed, “That goes without saying.”

Starrk nodded, “The rules apply to us all, not just Betas.”

“We’ve been extremely lucky with your forays to the Human World, Cuarta.” Halibel rumbled, drawing her fingers through Nel’s hair. “Not that we aren’t grateful for your pet human’s ability, but now that the last of us is whole again, and we are free of the usurper’s taint,” again they all hissed at the door, “I think it is time to return to the old ways. The Shinigami do not know we are here. It is best if they never find out.”

“Last year’s litter was small due to only Szayel being healed enough to go into heat. I don’t think we can count on that again this year. Not now that we’ve all been treated.” Starrk agreed.

Szayel also nodded, though a touch smug as he had been the only one capable of healing himself. “I supposed it’s a good thing though. Having whelped only a month ago I can guarantee I won’t be joining you all this season. I almost shudder to think what my brood would have been like had my Alpha been fully healed as well.”

The look he exchanged with Nnoitra contradicted his words however, and he shivered, mildly disappointed that he’d be missing out on the best sex of the year.

A chitter from the corner drew his attention then and he had to extract himself from Tesla’s arms without giving Mila Rose a chance to support herself. Apacci slid into his spot with practiced ease. Sun-sun barely noticed her pillow had shifted until Szayel stepped over her. That made Starrk grunt in a particularly canine fashion, as the boa had been playing blanket over his belly, and thus he was now cold. Halibel moved to resettle so that she was leaning back on the Primera and thus fixed the gap Szayel’s leaving caused in the pile. He reached his young at the same time, and gathered the four of them to his side while Nel moved on to another ribbon, entirely undisturbed by the whole shift.

However, the cooing of infantile Adjuchas drew all seven of them to watching the Octava feed his children. Most felt a combination of jealousy and desire, but only a few actively wanted to be in Szayel’s place. They had been among the first Orihime healed, in the hopes that rejecting the usurper’s meddling would unclog their biology and let them move on from the war.

Six years was long enough. The Espada were tired of being the only band in Hueco Mundo who was frozen in time. The Tercera, specifically, hoped that with the Fullbringer’s help they would no longer be barren. If that could not be fixed, even with Szayel breeding every time he came into season, their pack would fail. They would die, regardless of their strength. She knew it personally, and refused to go through it again.

As soon as the reiatsu in the common room settled back into normal, Grimmjow frowned down the hall behind him. He could so easily just go hunt something, bring it back, and the pride would gladly forget the idea of his leaving. But…

They all knew better. Which was why two seconds later the collected Hollows breathed a simultaneous sigh as the Sexta darted off through a garganta.

Seireitei was asleep. Mostly. But surviving in Hueco Mundo meant mastering the art of stealth as well as gaining power. So slipping silently around sentries was too easy. Only his desire to be discreet kept him from murdering each and every one of them. Starting a war with the Shinigami would cause trouble for the ones left at home, and reckless though he was, stupid he was not.

And being distracted didn’t hurt either.

The berry was here. Scent and reiatsu both saturated his nose. He could’ve gotten lost in that bright flag were it not for the sense of rival Alphas lurking about. They gave him a purpose, a focus, because if they were about and his prey still smelled like that… the Beta hadn’t chosen an Alpha yet.

So he doubled his speed, aiming for the wild forest deep within the berry boy’s territory. Shinigami scents overlapped his prey’s around the house, making Grimmjow’s lip curl and a small growl built in his chest. They had no business being that friendly with the redhead he planned to mate. Either they were stupid and he should kill them for not recognizing the signs; or they hoped to mate the Beta and Grimm should kill them to eliminate the pathetic competition; or… they were deliberately ignoring the gigantic warning the berry was giving off, and he should just kill them outright for being Shinigami asshole bastards lying to his prey in the first place.

The panther broke through the treeline just as the full moon cleared the horizon and a tortured howl shattered the night. He’d expected that. It was another reason why he’d planned to travel at night.

Because Hueco Mundo was in perpetual darkness with a moon that never waxed or waned, when exposed to astronomical conditions that did change, the Beta Hollows’ internal cycle changed with it. So when the moon was full, and in the sky, the Beta was downright insatiable, nearly feral from heat. Their fevers spiked, their cramps intensified, and they sought to entice anyone who could even remotely register as Alpha to their reiatsu—Hollow, Shinigami, and Human alike.

So, naturally the berry bitch was desperate for it; just like the Sexta had been hoping.

Following the sounds, Grimmjow no longer cared if the whole of Seireitei woke up; there was an immensely powerful Beta on the other side of the trees and by all the gods he’d be the Alpha chosen this year! On the edges of his senses he felt the Shinigami wannabes stirring, most likely drawn out by the Beta’s incessant calling.

Well, they were too late.

He landed in the Beta’s clearing with a snarl, the scent of the other making his lip pull back from his teeth. He released his reiatsu in a wave of teal to announce his intentions, and gold eyes watched him from high in a tree across the open space.

Now confronted, the howl became a rattling hiss. A cloud moved so that the moon illuminated the fever-pale berry, standing perpendicular to the tree trunk without a care in the world. He was bare to the waist, blood-stained, and held the strange hollowed out tanto in his off hand. Though not obvious, Grimmjow was sure the Khyber knife was somewhere nearby; close enough that the ginger could call it via chain.

The Arrancar took a step forward, his own hand drifting towards Pantera, but grinning wildly.

All at once, Ichigo charged him, blade at his throat and teeth bare. “You’re not real!”

His back hit a tree and bark exploded from the force. He laughed, “The heat’s scrambled yer head, berry bitch.”

“You’re not real!” The ginger insisted, growling more, “This is a fever dream, a trick! You died!”

Desgarron removed the force at his back, and he spun to reverse the hold on his prey, Pantera across the berry’s throat just under his Adam’s apple. Grimmjow licked a stripe up his Beta’s neck, grinding his crotch against the other’s rear. A moan rumbled through them both, though Ichigo’s was louder, and from the tremble down his spine, he was distracted enough to forget to retaliate.

“This ain’t no dream, berry bitch. I got here first. If ya didn’t want an Alpha, ya shouldn’t’ve been caterwaulin’ fer one.” Grimmjow growled into the Beta’s ear.

That broke the spell on his body and the ginger jabbed his elbow into the wrongness of the Arrancar’s stomach hole. The shock of cold and invasion sprang the two of them apart like similarly charged magnets. The redhead held his arm, curled around himself and hissing from the pins and needles going through his funny bone, and the blue haired feline spazzed across the clearing with a yowl, clutching his stomach in remembered pain.

Both glared at the other for several seconds before they clashed again; blade to blade this time and growl-hissing in each other’s face. They broke again and again, always to come crashing together in a wave of red and black versus blue, before Grimmjow miscalculated.

It wasn’t really his fault, though Ichigo could not be blamed either. The longer they fought, the harder it was for the Sexta to think clearly. The intoxicating scent coming from the Beta was clouding his thoughts faster than any other mate he’d ever had. Whether that was an after effect of becoming an Arrancar was uncertain, and truly didn’t matter at the moment. The urge to rush through the fight and just claim the berry was so strong!

But Grimmjow hadn’t become the third strongest Alpha in the desert by rushing through everything. Contrary to his pride members’ thinking, he knew well the benefits of waiting, of biding his time. So instead he concentrated on drawing out the fight. He parried, gave ground, chased the berry when he retreated, bobbed and weaved, and grew more cocky with every failed attempted on his hide.

Which proved to be his downfall, and the turning point.

Ichigo darted to the right, his tanto up in front of his face, aiming to strike his opponent as though he was going to rend him open from stem to stern. But instead of dodging as he had been, Grimmjow flashed into the strike, his body turned to present the thick meat of his shoulder to the blade. Sure as the steadily marching moon, the short sword bit into his flesh, carving a sickle shape into his deltoid. Blood splashed back from the momentum, and caught Ichigo across the face.

Copper flooded his mouth, and his vision blurred, tears forming to clear his eyes. He stumbled away, panting and wiping at his face with the back of his wrists. When he could see again, his eyes went wide, surveying the damage he’d caused.

The Arrancar hissed lightly in pain, eyeing the wound with irritation. Then he switched Pantera to his off hand and dropped into a ready-stance, favoring his bad shoulder.

When Ichigo didn’t move, Grimmjow scowled deeper, “Well, c’mon then! First blood don’t count as a win, berry bitch!”

“G-Grimm?” The Visored’s voice was small. He took a step forward, and the Arrancar tensed until the white tanto dropped into the grass. “I-Is it… really…? They… They said you were…”

The closer Ichigo got the more confused Grimmjow became until they were nose to nose, Pantera pressed against the redhead’s chest ineffectually, and Ichigo’s hand was on the Sexta’s mask.

He spoke in a disbelieving whisper, “It’s really you…”

Some note in the berry’s voice broke through the pheromone-induced adrenaline high. Blue eyes searched gold. “What’d they do to you, Kitten?”

Like the start of a race, Ichigo surged into his embrace, arms wrapping tight around his neck and the berry’s mouth latched onto any available patch of skin that was in reach. It left Grimmjow with no other recourse but to drop Pantera so he could return the embrace, hiking the Beta’s legs up around his waist so he could control their fall back onto the grass. Somewhere in the middle their mouths met and reiatsu flooded the clearing around them, both blocking out the other night noises and secluding them in a bubble, isolated from outside observers.

The Beta was his!

For Ichigo, it felt a bit like falling into his inner world, except for the way the grass poked at the exposed skin of his shins. Somehow his hands found their way into Grimmjow’s hair, and his tongue tasted the Espada’s own. Mint and fir trees; prickly and burning in the way of a winter wind against his mind. He hiked his hips, and Grimmjow gripped them, his fingers slipping into the gap of his hakama, where the belt was coming loose.

A whine escaped between them when the redhead had to pull back to breathe. He sat up, staring down at the Alpha with black flooding his eyes. He rumbled something like an iguana, and dove for the bloody wound on Grimmjow’s shoulder with a new vengeance. The feline hissed, his back arching when his skin was torn further open. In retaliation, he dug his claws into the berry’s sides, earning him a rattling hiss in return.

Their eyes met again, challenge and defiance between them, and the clothing had to go!

Who tore what off of which body was hard to determine, but hakama of both colors were shredded and somehow Grimmjow’s jacket landed in the branches of a nearby tree. Fully bare to the elements unleashed what little restraint the berry seemed to have because one bitten bloody mark became two, then three. All the while Grimmjow responded by pulling and tearing at any available patch of Ichigo’s skin with his claws. They were torn up and lost to a cloud of pheromones when all at once Ichigo found Grimmjow’s dick.

The force and focus of his onslaught changed entirely once he was presented with the Alpha’s erection. He sat back again, head tilted to the side, long enough that Grimmjow actually propped himself up on his elbows to find out what the Beta was doing. But before he could say anything, Ichigo leaned forward onto his elbows, eyes locked on his Alpha’s dick.

At first, all he did was stare, mouth slightly open—scenting the feline from his core. Then he touched it, gently, with his hand; slowly wrapping his fingers around it. Much too slowly as far as Grimmjow was concerned, but he held himself back, his claws dug into the ground beneath him. One wrong move on his part and he’d be gelded. The look in Ichigo’s burning eyes told him that much. They jumped to his face after the redhead nosed his shaft for the first time. The groan of satisfaction couldn’t have been stopped even if he’d wanted to, for all that noises disrupted the exploring Beta.

Moving on from his hand, Ichigo took to rubbing his chin and cheeks against his Alpha’s groin, from inner thighs to happy trail. Logically, this was the Beta exchanging his scent with his chosen Alpha, but generally this was done after sex! When the Alpha wasn’t laying there shivering with the desire to flip the Beta and take him until they were both a sobbing mess of blood, sweat, and other bodily fluids.

But the berry was having none of it.

Every time Grimmjow so much as twitched, Ichigo would look up at him with that compelling promise of death by gelding. Gold irises on a sclera of ebony; it was like staring down at a Vasto Lorde and knowing if he got hungry there was nothing that could stop him from turning the mating ritual into dinner. And damn if that didn’t make the Sexta’s lust coil hotter!

Finally! After leaving bite marks just deep enough to draw blood on both of Grimmjow’s inner thighs, finally, Ichigo climbed him, trailing his tongue as he went. Across one hip bone, around the edges of the Alpha’s Hollow hole, over the mounds of his abdominals, and beyond the plane of his pectorals to the edge of his mask. This lined the Beta’s body on top of his own and he dared to bring his hands to the toned rise of Ichigo’s ass, palming both cheeks. This pulled them open some.

The moan the redhead let out was almost too much, especially as it vibrated straight through the wicked bone attached to his jaw.

“F-fuck, Kitten…” Grimmjow shivered, his claws pricking skin unintentionally.

Ichigo rolled his hips, forcing contact between them with a pulse of reiatsu. The Alpha’s nose flared, his pupils shrank to slits even as the lids blew wide, and in a flash he reversed their positions. Coherent thought disappeared as scent and reiatsu combined to trigger Phase Two of the mating ritual.

He was found to be loyal and determined enough, and whether the Beta was strong enough had stopped being a question so long ago that the Alpha actually had trouble remembering a time when he hadn’t been worthy.

So with a press of reiatsu the panther released his form, all fur instead of armor, driving the reptilian hybrid into the ground with ebony paws. This prompted the trifecta of spirits within the Beta to merge. Fur sprouted at his wrists and ankles, his mouth filled with hollow fangs, and a long scaled tail thrashed beneath him with impatience. A rumbling hiss was met with a soothing growl, and his legs were spread around the Alpha’s hips.

The pointed end of the feline’s barbed cock pressed at his entrance, and had the reptile the presence of mind to think about it, he’d have realized that hole wasn’t there normally, nor was it clear when it developed. As it was though, heat clouded his mind and his very soul was invaded with his Alpha’s reiatsu.

He cried out in a barking chirp when the Alpha seated himself, and almost immediately the Beta was rocking his hips to drive the barbs deeper. His head fell back, his hands scratched at the other’s biceps, and he keened, arching his back.

The panther loved those sounds. He growled and purred, folding his mate in half to thrust harder, faster, deeper. It was tight, hot, and just the right kind of wet. And the Beta’s core was draining his reiatsu wells so fast it was like being fucked while fucking him. But one climax or a hundred he wasn’t stopping until he’d filled every nook and cranny of the lizard’s soul!

Higher and higher, and closer and closer, until the Alpha had his teeth in the Beta’s shoulder. Their reiatsu burned white hot, winding like a spring between them. The redhead turned, panting and whimpering, to mouth at the panther’s jaw, just as he struck far deeper than he had before. One let out a keening moan, the other roared, and the spring snapped.

When Ichigo came to the world was moving ever so slightly up and down. He was warm and comfortable, so he didn’t think much of it. The gentle purring in his ear didn’t help him wake up at all. He yawned, giving a small squeak, and stretched his spine from fingers all the way to his toes. Then he blinked, rolling over, and smiled.

Bright blue eyes smiled back at him. “Mornin’.”

Grimmjow nuzzled him, rubbing the side of his cheek without his mask along Ichigo’s forehead and nose. The redhead caught himself relaxing at the touch, a surge of pheromones and reiatsu in his mindscape like a puff of perfume, and a rattling purr echoed out of his chest in response. He closed his eyes again, mimicking the scent marking over Grimmjow’s chest with the bottom of his chin. Tucking his arms and legs under him, he followed through with the motion until he was nose to nose with the Arrancar. And still, he rubbed noses before finally kissing him like a human.

Mid-kiss he felt callused hands on his hips, and he snickered, “We’re naked.”


“In the middle of the woods.”


Those hands slipped down to tease the berry’s crack and the tops of his thighs in one motion. He squirmed but didn’t pull away. A very small part of him wondered why he wasn’t blushing, but the rest of him was beginning to rut against this mate’s hips. His mouth found a convenient patch of skin to suckle on and his own hands snaked between them to play with both interested cocks.

It was slow and languid. Grimm’s finger found Ichigo’s pucker, circling it a couple of times but never penetrating. They kissed, hips bucking into Ichi’s grip. When both were fully hard and leaking, the Espada slipped his other hand between them to catch some of the precome. It wasn’t enough to fully stretch the redhead but it made the teasing that much easier. Which in turn tightened Ichigo’s hand and made him moan in Grimmjow’s ear.

When they climaxed it was just as slow as everything else. The redhead came first thanks to the hint of things to come at his backdoor, and the slick shuddering of aftershocks carried Grimmjow after him almost immediately.

The Sexta rolled them over then, and bent to lick their releases from the hybrid’s skin, paying special attention to the hand span of stomach below the berry’s belly button. He was just lifting himself over his mate for another kiss when their tranquility was shattered.


“Howl, Zabimaru!”

Alphas and Betas: Purification - Chapter 5

A/N: Here we go! The long-awaited chapter! Don't try to fool me, y'all know this was the one y'all were waiting for. Heh heh heh. 83 And hey! I have the chapter art done at the same time for once! lol ((Don't feel bad if the sex is a little confusing, Szayel will explain what happened later, don't worry.))

Description: Reboot of my fic Alphas and Betas. "Ichigo has matured as a Human, he's obtained the pinnacle of Shinigami powers, but growing up as a Hollow brings new surprises. And a new threat on the horizon does not bode well for the Visored and his mate."

Warnings: Alpha/Beta Dynamics, Mpreg, Pregnancy, Polyamory, Bigotry, Prejudice, more to be added later

Pairings: GrimmIchi, RenBya, UlquiHime, KarinToshi, and others in the background

Disclaimer: Bleach is, of course, (c) Kubo-sensei because if we owned it there would be more Yaoi, less dying, and other characters would be the focus of the story.

Chapter 1: [Link]
Chapter 2: [Link]
Chapter 3: [Link]
Chapter 4: [Link]
Chapter 5: ~

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)

A/N: OTL I can't believe I missed updating this for GrimmIchi Day. I had it all planned out too. Double update, this chapter on the 14th, and the next on the 15th as a treat. And then work got in the way. UGH! Anyway, there will be chapter art as soon as I have the spare time to finish it, probably tonight after work depending on how busy we are. Enjoy~!

Description: Reboot of my fic Alphas and Betas. "Ichigo has matured as a Human, he's obtained the pinnacle of Shinigami powers, but growing up as a Hollow brings new surprises. And a new threat on the horizon does not bode well for the Visored and his mate."

Warnings: Alpha/Beta Dynamics, Mpreg, Pregnancy, Polyamory, Bigotry, Prejudice, more to be added later

Pairings: GrimmIchi, RenBya, UlquiHime, KarinToshi, and others in the background

Disclaimer: Bleach is, of course, (c) Kubo-sensei because if we owned it there would be more Yaoi, less dying, and other characters would be the focus of the story.

4 – Heat

Ichigo proceeded to work through the rest of the month with very little memory of what happened that night. Every day he grew hotter, more distracted, and by the end of July, he was using any excuse he could think of to hole up in his apartment at night, when the fever was worse. Avoiding both friends and family, just as he had last year before he died.

This year though, he was aware of the searching. No one he talked to fit the bill. And he was conscious of the waiting. Instead of dreaming, he sought his sword's wisdom, disappearing for hours on end sometimes, regardless of whatever else was going on around him. Anything to waste the time when he couldn't concentrate on anything except the feeling of something—no someone—missing.

It was during one of these that Shinji finally confronted him. "Oi!"

The redhead glared. Not that it deterred the Visored captain.

Plopping himself down next to the other, the blond grinned, "So, ya know yet, or are ya gonna keep pretending ya ain't one of us?"

"Thought we covered this years ago, Shin, I'm not joining your pack."

"Yet, ya still show up here whenever yer feelin' it." Shinji teased with a waggle of his eyebrows over eyes that were slightly too serious. "Besides, that ain't what I mean." He spread out over the deck so that his head hung off the edge, "Kensei's nice, and Mashiro shares better than Love and Lisa."

"I'm not fucking Kensei."

"You'll feel better." The blond pressed.

Ichigo scowled, finally opening his eyes to glare in earnest at the older Visored, "I'm not somebody's bitch, no matter what biology says."

"Ya've got it all wrong, Ichi!" The honest concern almost had him giving in. "Unless ya've already got yer eyes on someone." Shinji looked deeper at him and there went the feeling of solidarity with the blond's exasperated huff. "Really?! After all this time?! Ya know it'd never be allowed, even if he was still alive. He's a—"

"A what?!" Ichigo growled; his voice duplicated faintly, "Just like us and you know it, Shin!"

The other growled back, "They are not! We're nothing like them!"

Their reiatsu rose as both moved to face each other, teeth bare and growling louder. Unknown to them both, a trickle of black bled into their eyes, and the oppressive aura filling the courtyard of the Fifth took on a distinct flavor, like sand on a hot wind.

Unseated Shinigami fled the division in a hurry, none of them willing to come between the two powerhouses in case the glaring match came to blows.

"Back down, Shin. You know I've got the advantage." Ichigo stood, flash-stepping away from the building.

The other followed him, "I am Pack Leader, Ichi. Strength is only part of it."

"I'm not part of your pack."

"If you were you'd know this shit!"

"Not gonna happen!"

"Like Hell!"

They were barely a breath apart, hands on their swords and pouring enough reiatsu into the air that across the Seireitei three heads snapped up. At exactly the same moment, Kensei, Rose, and Renji appeared on opposite sides of the Fifth.

"Oh Hell." The captain of the Ninth groaned. "Rose."

"On it."

The taller blond darted around the courtyard rescuing Shinigami that had been trapped by the immense weight of the power pouring out of the two in the center.

Renji gave Kensei a lost look, and the Visored shouted over the wind, "Separate them! Take the Berry back to his den! He needs safety right now!"

"What? You mean you know what's goin' on with him?"

"Look, pup, we don't have time for the whole thing. We gotta get 'em apart before—"

A roar, watery and savage, cut him off.

"—that happens."

Between them, Shinji and Ichigo grappled, both biting and clawing at each other. Completely foregoing their swords, Ichigo had his jaws locked onto Shinji's neck where it met his shoulder, the vicious teeth of his mask rending the flesh through kosode, shitagi, and haori. On the other hand, Shinji tore at both of Ichigo's arms, fingers like claws. Blood splattered them both and the hard edges of their masks caught as both were trying to break the other's while protecting their own.

Kensei jumped on Shinji at the same moment Renji did the same with Ichigo. The second the scent of their blood hit the silver-haired Visored's nose though, fragments of white began to collect at his cheek. He spun the infuriated blond away, putting his body between the two of them with his back to Renji.

Daring to risk his grip, he jabbed his finger at the division entrance, "Get him out of here, Abarai!"

That time Renji didn't need to be told twice. He wrapped himself bodily around the struggling Ichigo and made for the gap in the wall. Just before they reached freedom, Shinji's voice, distorted by his mask, demanded with authority.


Ichigo stilled less than a block away from the Fifth, and he allowed himself to hang limply over Renji's shoulder all the way to the outskirts of the Kuchiki estate.

Technically the lands were originally Shiba property, but the Elders of the other three Houses were in conference regarding Ichigo's claim to the clan and whether his war hero status outweighed his father's desertion. So, for the time being the redhead's apartment and the wilderness beyond it were under Byakuya's care.

Between the two Shinigami though, whose name was on the deed didn't matter. The whole wedge of Seireitei was Ichigo's territory.

The often too-serious captain of the Sixth respected that in a way that made most of the others raise an eyebrow at him, but all he would say on the matter was that 'others' should consider themselves lucky Ichigo was so patient.

Which usually incited further laughter.

At the moment though, Renji could feel how serious that claim really was in how the younger redhead acted upon crossing into that wedge.

"Put me down, Renji." His voice was tired, but clear.

The older leveled him with a scowl, as soon as he was on his feet, "Yer not gonna go dashin' off ta kill Hirako-taicho if I let go, are ya?"

Ichigo gave a snort, raising an eyebrow at Renji's hands still on his hips. "If I wanted to kill Shinji, Ren, he'd be dead and you know it."

"Then what in the Four Worlds was that?!" But he did let go to walk beside him up the path to the semi-secluded bungalow apartment.

A blush stained the Visored's cheeks, and he mumbled under his breath.


"Never mind. It's just… nothing." He hauled his front door open like it had personally offended him, but if he'd hoped the rebound would deter his friend, he was sorely disappointed as Renji caught it and let himself inside.

"That weren't nothin'. All that talk of Alphas and packs and the fight?! Ya looked fit ta tear his throat out. Ya damn near did before Muguruma-taicho stepped in!" Renji let the door slam and waggled a finger at him. "Ya got some explainin' ta do!"

Ichigo snickered, "Lay off the old sitcoms next time you're staying at Kisuke's."

"It's a good sayin'." The older huffed. "Now explain!"

The door banging open stopped him before the words even formed on his tongue.

"Ichigo!" Rukia's slight frame seemed to fill the entry-way. "What the hell!?"

The orange-haired man drew his hand down his face in exasperation. Renji opened his mouth to speak, also frustrated because he'd been just about to learn the answer to that very question, but the Visored cut him off, a sarcastic tone to his voice.

"Why, yes, Rukia, come right in, make yourself at home. I'll make tea and we'll all have a nice chat, shall we?"

The Midget huffed, her pretty mouth scrunching up to her nose with a, no doubt indignant, reply on her tongue, but Ichigo gave her no chance.

"There's nothing to worry about. I have it under control."

Renji snorted. "Yeah, right."

Ichigo scowled at him.

"Yeah, totally under control. You nearly tore Hirako-taicho's head off!" Rukia exclaimed, slamming the door behind her just like Renji had. "Do you not want to have your family cleared!? No appreciation for the lengths Nii-sama have gone to get you this chance?!"

"THAT'S what you care about!?" Renji rounded on her incredulous.

"You should too! If war hero status gets equated to nobility, you can date Nii-sama openly!" The tiny Shinigami couldn't believe either lunkhead had any brains between them. "Nobility doesn't get into violent brawls and hauled halfway across Seireitei like a sack of potatoes!"

"Hirako-taicho nearly dies and you care about how we looked?!" Renji scoffed again.

"He wouldn't have died." Ichigo and Rukia chorused, though one was considerably more squirmy than the other, causing the focus of the conversation to shift back to the youngest.

Renji narrowed his eyes at him, "That's the second time ya've lit up like one of those fire truck things. Now, c'mon, out wit' it. S'not nothin'. Ya've been weird since yer birthday."

Rukia nodded quickly, "You've been secretive, moody, and you barely spent any time with your dad when he came to visit last week." Ichigo gave her a look. "Okay, true. Very few people can be around your dad long, but you skipped out in the middle of theatre night. And I know it didn't have anything to do with the play! Will was right next to you!"

"Ru's right." Renji chimed in, "Every other time it's like trying to tell Kenpachi 'no' to get you and Will apart after theatre night."

"You haven't been sparring with him either!" Rukia came back. "I know because he's been going after Nii-sama for it instead."

"He never said anythin' ta me." The older redhead sounded hurt.

The brunette turned to him, shaking her head, "I'm sure he didn't mean to, it probably slipped his mind. It's not like it's a big deal. It's just Kenpachi…"

Ichigo took advantage of their distraction to slink off, flash stepping through the house and out the back door faster than even the Goddess of Flash herself.

Once he as miles into the woods beyond his garden, the redhead relaxed further. His reiatsu flickered and spread out over the trees like a blanket. He sank into seiza position before bending to touch his forehead to ground, his arms wrapped around his stomach.

He breathed through his teeth, eyes scrunched closed, and a wild keen escaped his throat to echo against the forest in the setting sun. Familiar hands pulled on his waist. On the outskirts of his senses he felt the world melt away. Sinking into his mindscape, those hands soothed the empty place in his soul that cramped and drove him mad with fever.

"Shh, Aibou. I gotcha." The watery voice was strained, tired.

Their eyes met. The accordance between them echoed hollowly. Ichigo had not revealed the presence of the White to Soul Society and yet he had been unable to forestall the symptoms.

"We had a deal, Shii." The King hissed.

"Ah. We did."

Gold flashed between them, lighting up the glass at their feet in time with the redhead's eyes. He stood, slowly, from his crouch, his brows drawn into a furious scowl, and he stepped towards the Hollow.

"We had a deal, Shii!" He hissed again, like a rattlesnake.

The pseudo-albino stepped back, also slowly, his hands up. He knew who his King was, who had saved them all from being dissolved out of the cycle of rebirth. His might have been the power they'd used to heal, but the King had protected their soul name, wrapped his very self around the core and bore the scars of their death across his back. No, Shirosaki was done challenging his King. He was a good horse. He never bucked or kicked anymore. And he'd done his best. He really had. But…

"Ya can't stop biology, Aibou." He took another step back, chancing a glance at the edge of the building. A fall couldn't kill him but it'd hurt a lot. His King would make sure of it.

"We had a—"

"Ichigo." The third spirit rumbled darkly.

The redhead's glare snapped to the other half of his sword. The Old Man wore only his dark robe, his hair frizzy from the heat, and darker than normal sunglasses to protect his eyes.

"You know what you have to do." He intoned, and the King snarled at him to no effect. "Further ignoring the problem will only lead us down the same path as before. You must take us forward if we are to overcome the fever. Walking in our own footsteps is as good as going backwards. And there is no Soul Society beyond this one. Would you send us to Rebirth so soon?"

For a long moment there was only tense silence where Ichigo appeared as though he was going to go after Shiro anyway. Then he huffed like an iguana and flopped onto his rear with his knees drawn up, glaring at the storm clouds rumbling across the sky to his left. Heat lightning flickered inside them and made the silence that much bigger.

Cautiously Shiro sat beside him, as always in mimicry and duplicate all the way down to the bruises under their eyes. Though the Hollow's were grey against his ashen skin where his King's were purple.

"So," Ichigo began conversationally, "biology, huh?"


"You said you can't stop biology."

Shiro looked to Zangetsu before answering, "Yeah, it's a—"

"It means it's a part of me whether I like it or not, like my hair." Ichigo cut him off.

He huffed in return, "What's wrong wit' yer hair?!"

A smirk accompanied one of those powerful amber eyes in looking at the Hollow. "Nothing, I'm glad to know you care so much."

"Oi! O'course I care! It's my hair too! Don't go gettin' some crazy idea ta dye it er sommat! I'll force it outta ya like a poison, ya know I will!"

"Easy, Shii." The King laughed, a beam of sunshine illuminating the copper spikes like a halo, "I just meant it's something we can't change."

"We?" The Hollow perked up a bit.

"Yeah. We"

Ichigo leaned over, strangely comforted by his horse just being there. The feeling was only enhanced when the Hollow responded. Off in the distance, the clouds got a little less threatening, and the lightning faded into pale pulses buried deep inside them, only flickering when that empty place contracted.

As the sun died over Seireitei, it was just beginning to rise in Karakura Town. The sky was clear, a few left over puffy clouds slept in late above the slowly wakening city. It had rained the day before. The streets still carried the scent of it over the stench of car exhaust and human. And of the Living World's most egotistical species, none even glanced up when a great black mouth ripped the gorgeous dawn in half.

Three figures dressed in white emerged, various levels of contempt written on their faces. Of the men, the taller shoved his hands into the pockets of his hakama and the shorter glanced at him with disdain in the slant of his brows and mouth. The third was both female, and furious, squirming in her bonds like a cat about to get a bath.

"Let Nel go! Nel's brudders'll beat chu up!" She kicked her feet, dangling from the shorter man's grasp by the scruff of her neck.

He scowled at her, "Quiet, cub."

"Nel's not a cub! Don't treat Nel like dis! Let Nel go!"

"Oi! Shaddup!" The taller growled, earning a wince and a squeak from the child-sized girl.

He barely glanced at her, his attention off to the side. His companions could almost see the tick of interested tail tip in the way his eyes scanned the city below. A hand on his shoulder made him jump and hiss, glaring at the source.

"Go find him, Grimmjow. You will be useless to us until you do." His stoic companion almost smiled, a fond tolerance in his reiatsu in spite of his deadpan tone of voice.

His whole frame tense, and his attention jumped to Nel. "But…"

"Go." The other ordered again.

Grimmjow gave a growl and darted off.

Then Nel, who'd been pouting, scowled up at the remaining Arrancar. "You know where you goin'? Or ish Nel gonna hafta find the glowy-lady by hershelf like she was gonna."

"I know where I am going, cub. I have been here many times."

"Shince da war?"

Ulquiorra hissed involuntarily, then cleared his throat, and started off towards their destination. "Yes."

The higher the sun climbed in the sky, the brighter it shone on the city, and the more irritated Grimmjow became. Being from a world of eternal night, the watery air and infernal daylight were conspiring to give him a migraine. And worse… his prey's scent was everywhere!

It covered the town. Every nook and cranny was saturated with it, like the berry boy had deliberately gone about the place staking out bright red flags for all the worlds to see. Granted it was his territory, but still! He didn't have to go that overboard with it; just a few rubs here and there with a scent gland and it did the trick. Anything that could smell it would keep away and anything that couldn't was meat to be wasted as far as the feline Arrancar thought. He did have to concede that it fit the berry's style though. Big, loud, large, and everywhere at once.

Which made the absence of his reiatsu all the more telling. And infuriating.

It wasn't uncommon for Betas in heat to go into hiding at this time of the year, and if this had been the desert, Grimm might have given up for this season. He had last year when the berry's scent had abruptly disappeared mid-fall. But between that missed opportunity, and the fact that berry boy had always been horrible at hiding his power, the absence was motivating rather than discouraging.

Maybe he just hadn't been in town in a while. Humans did that, didn't they? Just take off for someone else for a while without notifying anyone? Maybe he'd packed up his trash family and headed out of town.

Except that should have let the scent fade some, and the very air of the city was saturated with it.

Sweet, almost cloying the way it dawdled in his nose, and fuck the Seven Hells did that drive him wild! It always had. That damned scent called him out. Through the haze of the usurper's sword powers, it had called to him, ignited his instincts. And that had only gotten worse now that he knew his prey had come of age!

Though where he was now…

"Oi! What do you want prowling around my house?"

A quick glance identified a human woman, approximately eighteen years old, decently high spiritual potential—for a human anyway—grey-eyed, short black hair, and a familiar scowl on her face. She was dressed intelligently; tee-shirt and shorts. Strange armor on her lower legs though. It was made of plastic and covered nothing vital… Unless human anatomy had changed drastically since the Winter War. But Grimmjow didn't think it had so he summarily dismissed the grumpy tomboy in favor of returning to his search.

At least he tried.

The ball didn't exactly come out of nowhere, he'd seen it tucked under her arm, but the force behind it got his full attention as he caught it. He squeezed his hand, puncturing it in five places, eyes narrow and a growl in his throat.


"I said, what are you doing prowling around my house?" She put her hands on her hips and tossed her head to unsuccessfully get her bangs out of her face.

Grimmjow gave a snort and fired the deflated ball back at her with all of his strength. "Not that it's any of yer business, but I'm lookin' fer someone."

To his surprise, not only did she catch it, when it bounced off of her chest there was a flash of green reiatsu that repaired it entirely—air and all.

Her scowl took on a darker tone, "Ichi-nii's not here."

"Yer one of his brat sisters, ain't ya?" He connected the dots mentally, with a quick assessment of the area. "Which one?"

Before she could answer the front door popped open, and a blonde copy of the woman flashed them a bright smile. "Karin-chan! Dinner's ready, and Otousan says that your boyfriend can join us if he wants to!"

"WHAT?!" Karin stomped into the house past her twin, wearing and berating their father just loud enough to be heard outside.

Grimmjow almost laughed until he noticed the other Kurosaki daughter was still genuinely smiling at him. He scowled, barely resisting the urge to cross his arms over his chest. She didn't actually expect him to join them, did she? He was Arrancar, they were Shinigami, that was just asking for someone to die!


Yuzu giggled, "Nii-san doesn't live here anymore."

"Huh?" Was the girl confused?

"Well it started a couple years ago. After he lost his powers. He couldn't stand Otousan anymore he said. So he moved in with Xcution."

What the Hell was she going on about? He raised an eyebrow and cocked his head a little bit away from her defensively.

"They helped him for a while, but when he got his powers back I guess he couldn't stand them anymore either. So he moved out on his own."

"Look, kid—"

"Of course, nowhere he lived he stayed for long. He just couldn't get settled. Never stayed anywhere for more than a couple months."

That brought his protests to a halt and his wandering attention snapped to her entirely. It certainly explained the way his prey's scent covered the entire town. "So where is he now?"

She seemed to completely ignore his demand. "That's when Urahara-san started training him harder. He went there every day. Like Urahara-san was trying to push him to master something."

"So he's at the Shinigami's place. Great."

"Well, Urahara-san can't teach him anything anymore."

Grimmjow growled at the innocent smile on her face. "Then he's with the Visored bastards?!"

She shook her head with a little laugh. If she'd been anyone else he'd have thought she was being deliberately evasive and manipulative. But he didn't think Shinigami and humans had Betas. Even still, she was getting on his last nerve.

"Then where the fuck is he! I can smell him all over the goddamned town!" His hands clenched into fists as he realized he'd just confirmed her suspicions about who he was looking for.

"That's because he was just here last week. But we don't expect him back for another month." Her voice took on a melancholy tone, and she sighed wistfully. "Truthfully though, it'll be much longer than that, and things will be much worse by the time he does come back."

Not liking the way those words ran down his spine, Grimmjow snarled, "So you don't know where he is, which means he's not in the city, which means he's out of his territory. Why!"

"It's simple, Arrancar-san." Yuzu smiled sadly up at him. "Nii-san is dead."

Alphas and Betas: Purification - Chapter 4

A/N: OTL I can't believe I missed updating this for GrimmIchi Day. I had it all planned out too. Double update, this chapter on the 14th, and the next on the 15th as a treat. And then work got in the way. UGH! Anyway, there will be chapter art as soon as I have the spare time to finish it, probably tonight after work depending on how busy we are. Enjoy~!

Description: Reboot of my fic Alphas and Betas. "Ichigo has matured as a Human, he's obtained the pinnacle of Shinigami powers, but growing up as a Hollow brings new surprises. And a new threat on the horizon does not bode well for the Visored and his mate."

Warnings: Alpha/Beta Dynamics, Mpreg, Pregnancy, Polyamory, Bigotry, Prejudice, more to be added later

Pairings: GrimmIchi, RenBya, UlquiHime, KarinToshi, and others in the background

Disclaimer: Bleach is, of course, (c) Kubo-sensei because if we owned it there would be more Yaoi, less dying, and other characters would be the focus of the story.

Chapter 1: [Link]
Chapter 2: [Link]
Chapter 3: [Link]
Chapter 4: ~
Chapter 5: [Link]


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